Exterior Painting 

For most families their home is the biggest asset they own so, protecting your home against the natural elements is an important aspect of painting the outside of your house. Oceanside Painting understands this and will take measures to insure you do not need to paint again for years to come. 

Of course esthetic considerations are also very important. Oceanside Painting can help you decide on the colors and available options not only to make your place look great but to preserve the value of your investment. 

Whether painting the exterior of your home for the first time or renovating its color, a quality job starts with good planning and preparation. In addition to paying attention to weather proofing and rust prevention the following items are typically part of our prepping for exterior jobs: 

  • Surface power-washing
  • Surface sanding 
  • Crack feeling 
  • Special materials & primers 

At Oceanside Painting we always use the highest quality paints for lasting finishes that guarantee uniformity and a great look throughout your home exterior.   

Interior Painting

A home reflects the lifestyle of the people who live in it, otherwise it is just a house. There are many elements involved in making your home comfortable. Color is one of the main ones. Oceanside Painting can walk you through all available options but when it comes to the color of your walls, that's where your personal style comes in. We listen to your dreams and endeavor to transform them into reality, allowing you to enjoy your home for many years to come. When working in your home we make sure you continue to feel comfortable living in your home while we are there. Here is what you can expect form the Oceanside Painting team:

  • Protection of your floors
  • Protection of your furnishings and valuables
  • Insure proper ventilation and safety
  • Complete cleanup and disposal 

Commercial Painting 

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